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Hardware and Software Installation :

Before installing the monitor / TV, we recommend to check the device. First turn on the device and check the Leds.

Install steps:

1. Installing the LEDs on the monitor. Hardware and Software Installation :

2. Installing drivers and Ambibox software.

3. Setting the LEDs.

4. Setting up a game mode PlayClaw




Installing the Paintpak extremely simple and does not require any skills.  Mount a basic unit and Leds strips around the perimeter of the monitor.  Plug USB-cable and AC Power adaptor.

(First connect the AC adapter to the device, and then only in the AC socket.)

LEDs mounting:

Mounting a basic unit in center of the monitor. For the LEDs on the monitor held on tight, wipe the surface of the monitor with a damp cloth (preferably even degrease, such as alcohol).

Then Mount the LEDs themselves in any order, we will set up their location in Ambibox software.

Below best variants of LED’s placement on monitor,Figure A or B.


Then stretch surplus cables by plastic ties, behind the monitor so that they do not interfere.


 Installing the drivers:

The latest version Paintpack drivers are installed automatically.

Define the new device as  Paintpack (Twinkling Plug)

Ambibox software installation:

[Download Ambibox]


After installing and opening Ambibox, you will see Ambibox icon in Windows tray.

Click to this icon => Go to «Intelligent backlight display» => and choose «Paintpack HID»


If done right: rainbow icon in the system tray will without a cross.  (that means that Paintpack is connected and you can start working).

Then click on «show areas of capture».  You will see all the areas, in different colors.



 By your mouse you can change and move / resize the areas.  And also disable the LEDs, removing check box.  So You will know which Led strip is associated with area.



Then one by one turn off and move the areas of the LEDs with its real location on the monitor.


Game mode PlayClaw:

PlayClaw aplication is free and will downloaded by Ambibox installer during installation (or by yourself from the developer’s site).

The latest version you can download the program site http://playclaw.com/

PlayClaw mode is working  with games based on DirectX 9-11 and OpenGL.


Disable overlay information in games:


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Playclaw Support Forum