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Led Light kit PaintPack LCD monitor\TV backlight Ambilight

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New model  https://paintpack.ru/new_paintpack/

As you may have realized from the video, the essence PaintPack similar to the technology from Philips TVs feature ambilight.

But this device can work with any TV or monitor Connecting to a Computer. Also in PaintPack advanced features: a variety of settings, modes, which you can customize yourself.



How does it work?

Ambibox software analyses the image on your monitor and transfers its data by USB to the PainPack board. This board lights the surface behind a monitor, TV or laptop by means of RGB LEDs of the corresponded colors. The effect reminds the illumination of Phillips Ambilight TVs most of all.


**Ambibox software in English of course**


Ambibox Forum

The AmbiBox software has been developed for Paintpack. The software analyzes picture from your desktop, movie or game with 10 areas.

Areas can move, resize and choose the area you want to capture. The LED colors are transmitted at up to 50 frames per second.

 Paintpack - фоновая подсветка монитора


 Paintpack Modes:

- Screen capture function:

AMBILIGHT (transmits the colors that you see on the monitor)

- Static background:

Backlight any color you choose (can be used as a table lamp);

- Dynamic background:

The backlight colors in this mode gradually transform. You can also adjust the speed change of color and brightness.

- Soundlights:

Paintpack device will respond to the music frequencies.

- A game mode:

supports a number of games made ​​for DirectX9, 10,11 and OpenGL (working in PlayClaw mode only).

Paintpack works under Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 32-64 bit

and XBMC Media Player



Paintpack features:

Works with multiple independent RGB channels (up to 255)

Sets the color balance for each LED

Sets custom color capturing areas for each LED

Calculates the average color of the picture

Works as the background lamp (mood lamp)

Uses colors from games and video with PlayClaw.

Connect 2 kits to one pc, for grab more than 10 areas (for bigger TVs)

Settings profiles, hot keys, multiple language support and much more…


Package included:

1) Paintpack with 30 leds light.

2) USB cable.

3) Power adaptor 12v 1A 110v — 240v EU Plug or US Plug or UK Plug or AU Plug adapter.

4) Self Locking Nylon Cable Size Tie Wraps.

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 Hardware and Software Installation instructions